2017 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide


The Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide gathers together in one spot a compendium of nearly 60 mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities in an easy-to-compare format.


The 2017 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide gathers in one spot a compendium of the industry’s top mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities in an easy to compare format.

Whether you’re an executive from a bank, digital wallet provider, retailer or software developer, this guide can serve as a cheat sheet of sorts. This guide offers just enough information to introduce you to this market and help you get started down the path to a possible partnership (or acquisition).

What’s included:

  • Detailed attributes for each mobile wallet such as target market, payment methods, POS compatibility, security requirements, P2P functionality and more
  • Contact information for each featured mobile wallet and its company
  • Exclusive commentary from editor, Will Hernandez, about recent events that have transpired in the industry

How does Mobile Payments Today define a mobile wallet?

In general, this is our interpretation of a mobile wallet based on multiple industry studies:

A mobile wallet can be a place where consumers can store and organize coupons, loyalty programs, payment cards, tickets, car-insurance identification and whatever else can be turned into a digital item from its original paper or plastic form. Some mobile wallets tout other features such as bill payment, comparison shopping, location-aware services, person-to-person payments functionality and social-media connectivity. It must have more than one of these features. If a mobile wallet was not available to the general public, we didn’t include it in the guide.

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